The Podiatry Hive is 100% FOCUSED on helping PODIATRISTS build  more PROFITABLE and more effectively managed practices

  • Our Vision And Mission

    1. To create freedom and fulfilment for Podiatry practice owners.
    2. To help our clients make more money, have a happier and more fulfilling business journey and create more freedom by automating their business.

    We  do this through …

    • business education,
    • community, and
    • buying power
  • Who We Serve

    We serve Podiatrists who look to create a leveraged business that allows them greater freedom and fulfilment in their life in general – the ability to work SMARTER and not harder … We help them EVOLVE from Podiatry practitioners into successful business owners.

  • Our Values

    We achieve our vision by living our values:

    • Integrity
    • Innovation
    • Flow
    • Fun
    • Community
    • Truth
  • Our Strategic Competitive Advantage

    We have a deep understanding of your business and the challenges you face.  With a broad knowledge and experience base, we know how to guide you to where you want to be.

The Podiatry “Hive” – What’s In A Name?

The word “Hive” encompasses so much of our philosophy relating to helping people improve their business and their life.

  • Working As A Unit

    We use effective resources to achieve maximum productivity, and we teach our clients to do the same.

    Bees have the ability to work as a unit – as a team.  And a hive is where this takes place.  The bees look after the Queen Bee and in turn the Queen Bee will look after them. Worker bees make daily decisions according to local cues and requirements of the whole hive, and are co-operative and supportive of each other.

  • Keeping It Simple

    We keep clear FOCUS and exist to serve Podiatrists … no-one else. We don’t try and complicate anything, and provide an example for our members.

    In the hive, bees exchange only relevant information, operate under clear standards, and use straightforward measures and feedback to guide their action. Bees also map out the most efficient way of getting from point A to B (better than complicated logistics software)

  • Protecting The Future

    We always strive to serve your needs to build high levels of trust to preserve an ongoing relationship.

    In the hive, when a lucrative vein of nectar is discovered, the entire colony doesn’t rush off to mine it, no matter how great the apparent short term benefits. Additionally, the bees share the honey with the whole hive so that everyone gets a taste. They also don’t sting unless absolutely necessary

  • Precessional Effect

    The benefits for you as a member will extend far beyond your business. Your success will again be transferred in a positive way to your own patients and to your own families, and to the prestige of the podiatry industry as a whole.

    In the hive, bees go about their business of gathering nectar to make into honey. Their legs gather pollen from one flower and “accidentally “ take this pollen to the next flower, resulting in cross pollination. The outcome of this seemingly inadvertent accidental activity is that bees contribute enormously to life on earth. We get pollination, the growth of crops, the sustaining of life for humans and animals.

The Name “Hive” Also Has Other Important Associations

  1. Achieving the impossible – bees should not be able to fly based on their large bodies and small wings, and yet they do it well
  2. Bees take raw materials (pollen etc) and create something new (honey) that is exponentially better than the sum of its parts

We like you to think of The Hive as …

  • Where you go for nourishment
  • Productivity
  • Strength in numbers
  • Co-operation
  • Nurturing
  • Birth of new (ideas – businesses)
  • Feeding ( exchange of ideas / communication )
  • Come back to a central place for resources (the hive)

Podiatry Hive Membership

Podiatry Hive membership includes a business education program, entry into a podiatry business community forum, access to buyers group discounts and permission to swipe a library of podiatry specific documents, templates and process files.

Meet The Podiatry Hive TEAM

Behind the company is a really great team of people who are passionate about the Podiatry profession and helping podiatrists to build the businesses that work for them …