As The Owner Of A Private Practice, How Often Do You Perform A Business Audit?
Have You EVER Applied The Microscope To Your Practice?

Monitoring your business is effective to increase productivity and profitability.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader or have a team of 12, everyone needs to use their time and skills efficiently to maximise impact.

Regular reviews of your business are the best way to keep everything on track. They let you identify what’s working, what’s not and should be designed to provide you with a detailed report on opportunities of growth and area’s that require attention.

An audit keeps you tapped into the heartbeat of your business and is a diagnostic process.

The Podiatry Hive Business Audit Diagnostic Report

A diagnostic report, provided after a thorough in-practice audit process to reveal areas of business opportunity and those in need of urgent attention.

  • Identify the quick wins, the low hanging fruit, and take your business forward.
  • Identify what’s not working and heal the wounds before infection sets in.
  • Identify your Top 3 business priorities and know exactly where to focus your attention and create the strategy to make it happen.

Why is a Business Audit vital for the health of your business?

It’s too easy to focus on the day-to-day running of your business, especially in the early stages.

Every 12 months or so, to align with best business practice, a private business should arrange a Business Audit. It pays dividends to think about long-term solutions and planning.

A Business Audit is vital

  • So you can assess your core business activities and efficiencies
  • So you can conduct a customer and market analysis
  • So you can conduct a staff 360 degree survey
  • So you can review your financial position
  • So you can redefine your business goals and break down your strategic plan.

How Does It Work?

Reviewing the 5 Pillars of Business, Troy Parsons (Co-Founder and Director of the Podiatry Hive) will spend two days in your practice, performing the review in-house.

At the end of the two days you receive a detailed report outlining your business strengths, areas requiring attention, and identifying opportunities for business growth and success. Also included is a clear business strategy to set the direction, answer your concerns and show practical ways forward.

Your Business Review will encompass

  • An assessment of your core activities
  • An assessment of your business efficiencies
  • A customer and market analysis
  • A staff 360 degree survey
  • A review of your financial position
  • A detailed report on findings with a clear work plan allowing for implementation and continuous improvement.

When you step outside to look back in, is often when you will have the biggest breakthroughs.

It’s the same for your business. We each, are guilty of spending too much time working IN rather than ON our business.

Prioritise your business position and success, identify what needs attention and the opportunities you can make the most of.