“The ‘Super 7’ for Cultural Health”

Developing and building positive, contagious energy isn’t just a personal endeavour or an individual goal; it is a team and corporate objective. You and your colleagues can work together to promote and advance positive group, organizational and relational feelings. You can transform your corporate culture from within and help your organization achieve true cultural health. […]

Creation vs Reaction

Cause And Effect – How To Develop An Effective Business Mindset

Our mental model of the world determines the way we behave in it. Do you choose to live your life and run your business from the standpoint that everything just happens you and you don’t have any control? Or does your mental model of the world accept that you have the freedom of choice to […]

Referral Marketing Strategies

Strategic partners are not only important sources of referrals – they can add value to your patients, and if you’re in business, adding value will be one of your top priorities. Developing MEANINGFUL relationships with referrers has a massive impact on the long term success of your practice. Often, the Podiatrists we work with are […]

Business Intelligence Scoreboard

Having the support of a great Accountant in your business can be a huge weight off any business owners shoulders – but leaning on them too much, could cause even greater stress. Boosting your knowledge on the important numbers – the key metrics in your business, will help keep you in control and hopefully, profitable. […]

Culture vs Strategy – What’s The Relationship?

You have heard us talk about it before, but without a good, strong culture the smallest of errors within your business are magnified. A strong culture allows us to stabilise and elevate – and not deviate from our strategy goals. We’re all guilty of it in business and Podiatry business owners are no different – […]

Cultural Planning For Your Business

I used to think team culture – particularly in business, just happened. That if you had a good group of people, good culture would follow naturally. After 20+ years in business I now know this isn’t true, and I am surprised how many businesses do not develop a “cultural plan” alongside their strategic and marketing […]

Barriers To Communication – Your Filters

There are definitely times when the moment someone speaks – and another person responds, communication can break down. We’ve all been there. An in-person conversation, a phone call, or even a series of text messages, leads to a misunderstanding and all of a sudden all hopes for reaching an agreement or an outcome go right […]

Management Decisions Activities Results

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.  –Ralph Waldo Emerson. Now, this may be the case, but you really want the universe to know what actions you need taken first. The decisions you make in your practice define the activities that are undertaken, which then drive the results – good, […]

The Importance Of Clarifying The Big Picture Context In A Podiatry Practice

As a business owner, it’s possible that you have competing contexts about your treatments. For example, you may feel pressure to see more patients to increase profits, at the same time you feel you need to spend MORE TIME with each patient to give the best patient care. Contextual misalignment may also arise between you […]

Financial Warning Signs To Watch

As a podiatry practice owner, your days are packed with a huge array of tasks – patients, reports, staff mentoring, developing marketing ideas for growth… the list goes on. When you do finally get to stop – exhausted after a long day, it’s most likely NOT your financial statements you will be taking a look […]

The Importance Of Developing Deeper Relationships With Your TEAM Members

How you feel about team members can affect how effectively your business tackles and accomplishes the services you must provide and the goals you wish to reach.   And just like in your personal life, positive relationships are productive – which in business will directly impact your bottom line. The quality of the activities that […]

Team Analysis Matrix – Get It, Want It, Capacity To Do It

Research is consistently suggesting people must see and understand ‘the bigger picture’ to appreciate and find meaning in their work …  So how can you assess if your team are engaged with your bigger picture vision AND how do you assess whether your team are a fit for your practice … AND what you need […]

APodC Conference 2017

APodC Conference 2017

The Podiatry Hive team are looking forward to seeing many of you at the 2017 APodC Conference in Melbourne. APodC Conference 2017 Workshops – Thursday 25th May 1. The Marketing Workshop – 7.45am-8.45am (Hospitality Suite 4) From Prospect to Patient … How to get more new patients from your website and other online channels We’ll look specifically […]