Small Changes, Big Profits

Implement The Small Changes In Your Practice That Create Big Profits  

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Business Wasn't Meant To Be Complicated

This video series assists with understanding the power of compounding and shows that business wasn’t meant to be complicated. Discover:

The small changes in your practice that will create big profit.
- The need for consistent, yet effective change.
- The power of compounding.
- Why understanding the lifetime value of your patient is vital.


Increase Your Numbers Of New Leads

How many potential NEW patients are coming into contact with your channels of COMMUNICATION? ...Increase The Number of New Leads will introduce you to EDUCATION BASED COMMUNICATION, the power of the Lead Magnet and other marketing tactics in order to increase the number of new leads into your practice.


Increase Your Numbers Conversion Rate

How many leads are converted to actual appointments in your practice? ... Increase Your Conversion Rate will introduce you to the importance of CONVERSION. How to book the people who call, how to improve your phone scripts, how to optimise your bookings, how to systemise your conversions.


Increase Your Number Of Transactions

When did you last look at your retention rates, in particular your rebooking rates? Increase Your Number of Transactions takes a look at the ways in which you can rebook your current patients. How to measure your rebooking rates, the importance of a Treatment Plan, the power of compounding, the customer Lifetime Value.


Increase Your Average Dollar Sale

Watch Increase Average Dollar Spend to understand why increasing your average dollar spend, with already engaged patients, is relatively easy and highly profitable. Why ‘too cheap’ often means ‘not valued’ by your patients, how to increase your prices without losing patients, how to recommend products and services that aid recovery.


Increase Your Profit Margin

Do you feel your profit margin is what it should be, based on your industry and business model? Learn to know where your money is going, understand how to ‘get value’ from your investment, create efficiencies and build value with systems, get the right people ‘in the right seats’.