From Stephen Wisken

Stephen Wisken. Doubleview Podiatry.

From Adam Philps

Podiatry Hive has changed the way I view my profession, my business and myself.

The support I have received has been game changing for my practice … From the Monday motivators which kick start my week, to the ‘open all hours’ approach of the Pod Hive Support team who will seemingly do anything to help me. The greatest gift of all though is the community of other like-minded business owners that remind me I’m not alone trying to create a profitable, fun and ultimately saleable business …

Adam Philps. Masterton Foot Clinic.

From David Piper

David Piper. Exeter Clinic. Exeter

From Elizabeth and Lyndon Jones

Two years ago our business nearly folded. This was due to a combination of illness and the fact our business was ‘owner dependant’ (i.e. if we did not see patients, the business would fail).

We were like most professionals in private practice; professionals who happened to own a business.

We had no business skills, no plan, no training for staff and no idea of how to track the business. The choice was to learn fast, or fold the practice.

At the Annual SCP conference one of our friends attended the Podiatry Hive lecture and recommended that we enrol onto their online business support. It was a relief to find Business Coaches who understood how a Podiatry practice works.


Within 2 months the changes we put in place started to turn the business around. This inspired us to attend the Podiatry Hive’s two day seminar in London which was an intensive overview of how we and the business could change into a successful one. These two days were to prove inspirational and life changing for us both.

We have now been members of the ‘Podiatry Hive BlackBelt Mastermind’ for two years.

In that time we have become a profitable business, with myself (Bish) only running 2 clinics a week and Lyndon working in 4 clinics a week, because we choose to.

We have eight weeks holiday a year and a team of Podiatrists and Administrators who are aligned to our goals and values. We have a 3 year plan which we have broken down with targets to meet along the way.

We now love being business owners!

… Two months ago we won a local Small Business of the Year Award. We were thrilled to receive this and are amazed at how far we have come in the two years.
Thank you Podiatry Hive.


Elizabeth and Lyndon Jones. Total Foot Health. Salisbury UK.

Florentine Taaffe

Florentine Taaffe. Wanneroo Podiatry Surgery.

From Emily Ball

Emily Ball. Active Step Healthcare. Fareham

From Kevin Montgomery

Being part of Podiatry Hive for the past 3 years has been an awesome experience in every way. Being a Black Belt member for the past 2 and a half years – even more so!

The combined effect of on-on-one coaching by experienced Business Coaches, quarterly conferences, webinars and Mastermind group support provides me with all the support that is necessary to run a successful business. Through this support network I have become an effective team leader, a better communicator, and have a solid grounding in sales, marketing and financial basics.

I am no longer ‘just a good Podiatrist’, but a successful health care business owner. My business worked effectively without me for three months last year (2015) and the equity in my business is worth about three times what it was only 2.5 years ago. I cannot recommend Podiatry Hive and BlackBelt Mastermind highly enough.


Kevin Montgomery. Foot Life Podiatry.

From Mimi Chrzanowski

Mimi Chrzanowski. Croydon Total Footcare.

From Peter Williams

Peter Williams. Eclipse Foot Clinic. Southampton

From Lynley Boyce

A few years back, I got to the point in my career and thought “is this it!?” … I was 15 years into my career and frustrated that running a business never seemed to get any easier. I had staff issues – which resulted in me having to do more and more as I didn’t know how else to deal with it. This just wasn’t fair on my husband and my then, 2 year old son.

During this time, I stumbled across the Podiatry Hive on LinkedIn. I did the 30 day trial and have been a member ever since. I attended the RESET Conference in Brisbane last year (2015) which I found amazingly empowering . The brick walls to running a business started to come down and my first business plan was created.

Since then I’ve continued working on my business and myself. There are still plenty of challenges but I no longer feel alone. It’s comforting to know there are others going through the same business hassles, and I love the feeling that together we can lift the profession to what it should be. Thanks Troy and team for your many inspirations and support.

Lynley Boyce. Village Health Centre

From Craig Burton

Craig Burton. Newcastle Foot Clinic. Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Dear Hivers

Just want to thank Annette, Troy, Andrew and Greg for another great event this weekend.  Got a lot again from the event, it was great to meet a lot of new Podiatrists and realise that I am not on an island. Soooooo many Pods are experiencing the same issues with our practices, even 20 years down the track.  Thanks to Sophia and Daniel for some inspiration, and catching up with some great friends Cath and Judy!! – It is always worthwhile, to stop and rethink, plan and bounce ideas off other people, thank you for making me do this, as life moves too fast and we never take time for ourselves.

Bring on the next event!!.

Narelle Montgomery

To the Podiatry Hive Team,

Just a quick word to thank you for the wonderful event you had this weekend. I have taken a lot back with me and went into the practice today to begin my own reset!

Thanks so much!

Mary Shina

Hi Annette,

Hope you are all having some catch up time to re-energize. All well here, the energy is good and we’re buzzin, which is good as we’ve got a bit to catch up on. Now that the 2 of us are in synch, that’s massive! So a special thank you to all the team, and especially for the value you provided.

Walk tall & tread lightly.

Bronwyn Cooper

Hey Annette

It was great meeting you and the guys over the weekend.  Fabulous event and it is obvious for all to see that you are all passionate about helping us all achieve our goals.  I know my Practice Manager Danielle and business partner Abbe got a lot out of it.

Andrea Castello

Hi Annette,

Just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for putting on such a fantastic event. It is the first Podiatry Hive event which I have attended, and cannot wait for the next one! It is by far the best investment I have ever made, not just for my business, but also personally. I have since gained so much clarity in what I want out of life and my business. It goes without saying that Andrew and Troy were both very engaging, and made us feel very comfortable to be honest with ourselves. Definitely hit some home truths there!!  Can’t wait to see what else you guys have in store for us Hivers, keep up the excellent work! Many thanks.

Sophie D’Assisi

The Hive Team,

Thank you so much for your help at the RESET event last week.  What an amazing event with a great bunch of people!  Personally, I met a number of Podiatrists who were willing to share resources.  I’ll be sending some of my resources through to Annette to be put up onto the HIVE so others can use and change them to suit their practices.  Are there any particular resources that you would like?  Maybe we can all share?

Rebecca Healey

Team Hive

Yes it was a great event, a wake up! Great to see that a number of Podiatrists brought their PMs with them so we can all go on the same journey. One comment that Troy made early on Friday morning was “You can learn a lot from the chats as well as the sessions.”  Great to meet up with old colleagues, and establish new contacts. We have come back with a lot of work to do and a plan on how to achieve it. Thanks Annette and your team!  Cheers

Brenden & Julie

Testimonials from various Podiatry Hive Membersat BlackBelt podiatrist Conference; November 2013

Kim Rossato

To echo the statements above, a great big THANK YOU to all the team at The Hive for putting on such a great event. It was great to meet you all, and so inspiring to be surrounded by so much enthusiasm. The event was by far the most inspiring and helpful course I’ve been to! f I had to choose just one thing that’s going to change, it is to clearly articulate our business culture to prospective staff, and make sure I take my time to find someone who will fit. The timing is great, as I’m currently advertising for a receptionist!

Now, I’ve got to go and knock over a few bricks…

Josh Truscott

A big heart felt thank you to all the mentors, coaches and beautiful Annette and assistants – a real example of a ‘well oiled machine’. The black belt event was exactly what I needed – time to focus on the business without distraction. It was great to meet other wonderful people and see that I’m not alone in my struggles as a practice owner. By the end of the second day, I finally realized what my one biggest fear was and where if stems from. Thank you everyone.

Theresa (Tran) Phan


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